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Deformational cutting

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Deformational cutting technology - general info

The surface layer of the blank is undercut by the tool and the undercut layer is plastically deformed, being retained on the blank surface.

1 - base material. 2 - fins.

Undercut surface layers form on the machined part specific macro pattern (relief).

The method of the Deformational Cutting lets to get macro pattern in the form of fins, pin fins, cells, meshes, v-grooves on the materials as Copper, Aluminum and their alloys, Titanium, Steel and plastics, with the opportunity to increase surface area after the process up to 12 times.

The method of the Deformational Cutting is patented in Russia and other countries; recognized six times by a gold medals and diplomas on international exhibitions of Inventions and Innovations and awarded Gran Prix and Cup of Asia for best invention on ITEX 2010.

Advantages of Deformftional Cutting Technology

Wide range of machined materials
Universal tool for processing of various surface macroreliefs
The ability to use a standard metal cutting machines
No material wasting
No need for lubricoolant and the following cleaning of the part


Traditional cutting
Deformational cutting

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